Top 10 Standout Web Design and UI Trends in 2022

In this world of ever changing technology, every trend changes rapidly. If it is some clothing/ fashion trend or web design trend, nothing remains constant in this world. Web Design tricks and features that were once believed to be modern and innovative have become boring and cliche in recent years. You will not want your website to look boring and outdated when people arrive at your site. Your client or subscriber can lose their interest just because your website looks dull or outdated.   In this article we will be discussing about ten various trends that you must consider for your website or blog page. With little conscience you will be able to make your web page stand out from millions of other websites.   
  • Neomorphism
  Colors and innovation are not separate things. If you want your content to be attractive and easy on the eyes, try different colors. Make your content colorful and full of sparkles. Color and imagination go hand-in-hand. Choose the color which suits the topic of your content. Using different colors which are bold, bright, saturated etc. is the new Trent of content presentation trend in 2022. This will help your brand stand out from the soft neutrals that many companies have chosen over the past few years.  
  • Load Time
  Today people have less patience when it comes to browsing. In this ecosystem if your server is slow and your website loading time is high, no matter how content rich your website is, you will surely not get that much traffic which you deserve. In our list one of the most important  UI Trend standards is ultra-fast load time. Fast loading times have always been essential factors in UI and web design for years.   If you run a business your website performance has a direct impact on a company's bottom line. Study shows that if a company reduces its website's perceived wait times by 40%, this will increase search engine traffic by 15%.  
  • Smart Content View
  Nowadays all content creators need to have  resource-heavy websites with many graphical and multimedia elements and third-party integrations that result in slowing down their sites. Luckily, there are many different ways and technology now to develop smart websites that download only the useful content.   Infinite scroll can be the answer to this problem many social network companies have been doing this for years. This approach is very useful if you deal with long (one) page websites.  These improvements can help your website to retain your user for a longer time.  
  • Micro- Interaction
  If you are dealing with a marketing website, or any other website which deals with selling and purchasing, then Online lead generation/ micro Interactions forms are one of the most important elements for your website.  Everybody wants to know a lot about their website visitors, but you can’t ask them directly so many questions at any particular time. That is where CRM comes to work, it places progressive as well as dynamic contact forms on the landing pages and displays fields according to the lead’s journey. Once you have data of your visitors you can convert your visitors to consumers by targeting advertisements. You can send them personalized mails or messages and can very easily be in touch with them.  
  • Chatbots Become Human-like
  Bots are computer programs which are designed for specific tasks. Chatbots  in the same way are another feature that is a popular trend in 2022. Chatbots are in their initial stages this time but as the technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning is progressing we can  expect to see chat bots become more sophisticated and advanced. Suppose,  a customer visits your website, looking for any technical support and the chatbot knows the answer to that problem because it is one of the most asked questions by your consumers. The automatic chatbot can let them know about the solution. This can ease both your customer as well as your work.  
  • Unique/ Personalized Content
  Many websites and applications track our browsing history and know our locations, it is not something which very few people know. They do this so that they can give very specific, personalized and to the point information to us. Big enterprises  and web agencies provide their customers with dynamic content, content based on past user behavior, or what we know about a user. Not generic content made to serve everyone. This they achieve by taking and filtering all your data that you have given them access to.   This facility is very useful if you want to retain your customer, because every time they visit your website they will find something new and interesting. That too is based on their web history and the things that are shown to them are not random. This will help your website grow immensely.       Some other Web Design and UI trends in 2022 for your website are as follow:-  
  • Voice-Activated Interface
  • Interactivity like quizzes, Polls and surveys, Calculators ,Contests
  • Micro Interactions
  • Micro Animation
  • Organic Shapes
  • Minimalism (Flat Design)
  • Color to Evoke Certain Moods
  • Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation
  • Smart Video
  • Data Visualization
  • Dark Mode, Reading Mode, Night Mode
  • Illustrations
  • Gradients
  Conclusion   Every website owner wants to have a stylish website, but the truth is each and every website is different. Every business is unique, we all have different selling points and unique characteristics that is the main reason to stand out from the crowd. No one trick will be  ever enough to make a website different. It is a person's personal choice and innovative mind that make all the difference.    Every now and then some new technology will be there, new trends will come and go every year. Keep changing with time and doing new experiments with your work is the key to adapt with this changing pace.

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